Vignettes of People in an Apartheid State

New Book: Vignettes of People in an Apartheid State

My new book Vignettes of People in an Apartheid State was made available to the public today, Friday, October 13, 2023. Here is the blurb;

In May 2023, South African author Zukiswa Wanner was a guest of the Palestine Festival of Literature. Coming from a country with a history of apartheid, she should have had an inkling of what to expect but her experiences were more than she bargained for. As Palestinians are not permitted to travel across checkpoints, the Palestine Festival of Literature brought her among other festival participants to different parts of the Palestinian territories (glorified bantustans) for literary engagement with audiences. Vignettes is her witness account of contemporary settler colonialism, genocide, and a world that’s damned by its refusal to hear the pleas for a truly free Palestine.

At the moment, the book is only available at Cheche Books in Nairobi, Kenya.

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