Third Culture Africans Podcast features Zukiswa Wanner

The “Third Culture Africans” Podcast has featured Zukiswa Wanner in its latest episode. Please click here to listen to it on Spotify.

Third Culture Africans is a lifestyle podcast for dreamers, thinkers and doers. We celebrate artistry, share stories from those brave enough to create something and succeed, listen to diverse perspectives on African Success and those shifting the needle on culture. Their latest episode features Zukiswa Wanner. Here are the show notes from the episode;

In this episode, Zeze interviews Zukiswa Wanner, an award-winning South African author and humanitarian. She has published fiction novels, co-authored Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, and started her own publishing house to help bring African literature to the forefront in the African continent.

Zukiswa Wanner believes in changing how African literature is seen and embraced in Africa. She writes not for the European or American masses, but for her fellow Africans. Seeing how the African publishing houses often prioritize foreign markets over their own, she decided to start her own publishing company, as part of her drive to change the self-oppression that has been imposed on African literature.

Zukiswa also discusses the importance of bringing literature to children, providing them with the opportunity to learn and thrive in the world. She also remarks on how accomplished Black African women are often seen as aggressive when they pursue their careers and are good at what they do. Zukiswa highlights the importance of women not second-guessing themselves and becoming part of this narrative.

Listen to the episode here.

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